I’ve spent most of my career working in the global retail, CPG and customer service sectors, but dreaming of and making a career hobby from my love and passion for gaming, esports and entertainment.

This year I promised myself that I would pursue the marriage between my years as a veteran content marketing professional and creator and my love of and for the business of gaming.

My aim is to employ my expertise as a business-centric lifelong gamer to produce high-impact content marketing, influencer engagement and AI marketing integration strategies for a company, organization or startup in the gaming industry on any level.

To spearhead this, I’m in the process of completely re-designing and developing my website from scratch. Everything you see here – and everything you don’t see on the backend – is entirely my work.

From SEO planning, taxonomy, wireframing and concept to design, content, publishing and promotion.

I suppose I better hope you like what you see. I’m working hard on it and I have a healthy amount of pride in it.

If you’d like to chat about gaming, the business of gaming or how I can employ this expertisre to benefit your business in the gaming, esports or entertainment industry, please don’t hesitate for a second to email me at:


Otherwise, please bookmark the page and check back often. I’ve got a lot of great things cooking for the site in the days to come.

– Brad